#OLW 2020

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Seven years. Seven one little words- though I can only recall five including my word for 2020. I guess that other one must have been a dud.

In 2014 I chose bend. My life had taken a great big turn. And I needed to lean into the curves and bumps.

My 2015 word was notice. By 2015 I needed to look beyond my own path. It was time to pay more attention to the world around me. I wanted to sharpen my skills as an observer, to live like a writer, and to tune into my people and immediate surroundings.

Brave was my word in 2016 and for some strange reason the post I wrote about that is no longer available. Here- on my blog- it has disappeared. I have no idea where it went. Maybe it got scared.

And as if that wasn’t odd enough, I have no evidence whatsoever of my 2017 word. No recollection. No post. No nothing.

My one little word (choice and writing) got back on track in 2018 when I decided on shine as my word for the year.

Last year joy was my much needed word. It served me well. 2019 included many joyful moments, from traveling to a country I’ve long wanted to explore to countless happy moments in favorite places with family and friends.

This morning we welcomed students back to school after a two week winter break. And at the beginning of the day our whole Lower School community gathered and I shared my one little word for this year. My 2020 word is balance. I explained to the children why I chose it, what my hopes and dreams are for my word and me, and I invited them to chose their own words. It was a magical morning. Students all over our Lower School spent time thinking, drawing, talking, writing and sharing about their own one little words. I wandered from classroom to classroom looking and listening and loving what I saw. We all had lots to do, old friends to catch up with, new books to share, expectations to revisit, new material to learn and teach. But we paused and chose words. I heard kindergartners declare one little words like friend and kindness and calm and try. And second graders decided on words like think and continue and read and believe. A fourth grader told me his word is going to be flexible. Another told me he was thinking about persevere.

There were all sorts of things I could and should have been doing this morning. And I chose to BALANCE my time between my to-do list on my desk and the want-to-connect moments that were right there in front of me.

3 thoughts on “#OLW 2020

  1. I’m impressed that you were able to document all the other olws. I need to do this because it might help me stay more connected to my choices for olws. I’ve yet to choose one this year. I’m waiting for just the right word…

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  2. I love reading OLW posts. You’ve had some good ones. I particularly like “bend.” Had not thought of that as a OLW. “Balance” seems to me a word encompassing all others. It’s a stellar choice.

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