OLW 2015

Choosing one word is hard.  Over the last few months several ran around in my brain. But the two that kept showing up were Grow and Notice. It’s December 31st, time to choose my One Little Word, and I’m going with Notice, because, I think that if I live with and learn from this word, if I make an effort to let it guide me, I will grow. It feels like a two for one deal.

Notice- to perceive, attend to, become aware of, observe, watch, learn about, to acknowledge and discern… To notice is to spend more time listening than talking. To notice is to consider before responding. To notice is to be open to new perspectives and possibilities.

Intentional living, solid relationships, good teaching- in my opinion- all begin with noticing. It seems like such a foundational thing, yet, in the fast paced world in which we (I) live, it is not always something I do well.  This year I want to bring that word, that practice, to the front of my life.

What will I notice? My people- family and friends… my students and colleagues, my surroundings and experiences. Moonrises, sunrises, my elderly pets, new friends, shadows and light, strangers and newcomers, traffic, trash, signs of growth on my orchids, my dog’s limp, my daughters’ quiet moments.

How will I notice? With my eyes, ears, heart and soul. By looking beyond myself, listening carefully, watching closely, being quiet and alert.  By keeping a writer’s notebook, by pulling the car over to look at a gorgeous sunset. By walking away from the dishes in the sink to join in the conversation with those who linger at the table.

When will I notice? I hope often- daily. During both the small and big moments.

Why will I notice? To connect, learn and grow. To be available. To be a better mom, daughter, friend, teacher, writer.

Where will I notice? My goal is to notice in all corners of my life.

Noticing is about taking a second look, slowing down, recognizing moments to savor, being present.

“It’s the sacred duty of the writer to pay attention, to see the world.”  From “On Writing”- a quote from a writing teacher Trey Greer-  on Kate diCamillo’s blog.

I don’t have resolutions, I have one little word, and my word is Notice.

3 thoughts on “OLW 2015

  1. I absolutely love this. I think that achieving your OLW will give you such a strong connection to the people and world around you that your year can be nothing but marvelous. Notice can be pulled into your classroom and shared with your family. What a wonderful lesson – I wish you nothing but the best for a great year of observing and learning!


  2. Notice is such a great word! Using it in my teaching transformed the way I addressed students. Instead of telling them I loved what they were doing, I told them I noticed the great things they were doing. This put the attention on their actions, rather than making a value judgment about their behavior. I share this with you since I hope that my experience with the word notice will be of use to you as you go on your noticing journey in 2015.


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