writing that comes from a nudge

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It not the first time I’ve wanted to write and needed a little inspiration.

How many of the writers in our classrooms feel that too?

My inspiration today came from  this piece. I was stuck.

How many of the writers in our classrooms are willing, yet feel stuck?

I thought about Ralph Fletcher. I thought about the invitation he gave the audience I sat in many years ago to use this poem to nudge us to write.

How many of the writers in our classrooms need just that little nudge?

How many of them would delight in a small and beautiful approximation of a piece that they and we can agree is… well… writing?

Here goes.

I’ve been thinking about those days when we headed home from the playground just as the air cooled and your energy faded-

those early evenings when all you needed were a few more Goldfish to coax you from your carseat up the stairs to that moment when you struggle to pull your shirt over your small head all-by-yourself and wiggle out of your diaper while I fill the tub with water I plunge my hand into every few seconds to make sure the temperature is neither too warm or cool. We chat about what you loved best about the afternoon and what you are hoping to eat for dinner.

Mostly I’ve been thinking about how our moments now comes in spurts and we talk about your last exams and next plans. We have so little of this end-of-the-day, chatting-about-what-matters-and-what-doesn’t time. 

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for the nudge and Danusha Laméris for the much needed inspiration.



6 thoughts on “writing that comes from a nudge

  1. Well you nudged me right to tears !!! I think we all need nudges and kids need to know this is part of the process. Reading like a writer is the invitation to be nudged! Thank you for sharing and sending me back in time as well…


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