Happy Places


The phrase “happy place” seems a little trivial to me, but the idea isn’t. I think it is important to know those places and spaces that fuel us. Recently I’ve been keeping a mental list of my “happy places.” Last night, as I was driving home in a thunderstorm, I decided to write my list for today’s slice.

  • In front of a fire, with a good book, or family and friends.
  • With young writers who are as delighted with their writing as I am.
  • At my family’s summer spot, a small, leaning cottage on the Connecticut coast that has just one bathroom and no dishwasher and countless memories.
  • The steep, hilly route I walk with my friends in a nearby neighborhood.
  • At the stove, in front of a big pot of soup.
  • Under the covers on Sunday morning with a book or the paper or my notebook.
  • In just about any bookstore.
  • At the table, lingering over a good meal.
  • On my dirt and gravel road, with sweeping views and silence all around save for the occasional cow’s moo or donkey’s bray.
  • At the lunch table with students, listening to their stories.
  • Anywhere with my girls.


Thank you Two Writing Teachers for nudging us to walk the walk each Tuesday.

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