Celebrate This Week


As the week ends I’m celebrating writing and writers and teachers of writers.

Our third graders are writing fairy tales, and when I taught one boy how to use spider legs to revise, he added to one of his introductory sentences, taking it from something basic and fairly non specific, to one that included details like character names and traits. He transformed the beginning of his piece, and when I asked him if I could share it with another writer, to show that writer what could happen with revision to an introduction, well…I wish you could have seen the sheepish- aww shucks- maybe I really am a writer smile that spread across his face. Here’s to revision and spider legs and writer’s smiles!

A fourth grade teacher sent me an email with a mentor text suggestion. Over the last two years I’ve been slowly building a library of mentor texts for all of our teachers. I love that they are keeping their eyes out for texts they love and want to use to teach craft moves. The one she suggested was new to me and I am excited to read it and add it to our collection. Yay for teachers of writers who are on the lookout for resources that they can share with young writers

Our second grade team is interested in building conferring toolkits, and invited me to a meeting to brainstorm ideas about what they’d like to put in their toolkits.  They were inspired by this workshop given on April 2nd at the Ed Collab Gathering. I am looking forward to meeting with them on Monday. Teachers who are considering ways to make the last few weeks of writing workshop even better are definitely worth celebrating.

It was a good week to be me, in my work that takes me to writing workshop classrooms all over our school.  How lucky I am to work with energized and dedicated teachers of young writers.

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