Celebrate This Week


I am learning to embrace (celebrate) a whole lot of “lasts” as my younger daughter’s graduation from high school inches ever closer. These “lasts” come with a huge range of emotions- joy, excitement, worry, sadness, pride, satisfaction, wonder and surprise. In a few short months, I will be an empty nester.

We spent several days of her last spring break on a beach in Florida,  taking walks, reading books, finding shells and eating wonderful, fresh seafood.

I attended her last school choir concert, and when the A Capella group sang “For Good” from Wicked, I let the tears roll down my cheeks as I listened to their beautiful rendition of the song whose lyrics get to me every.single.time.

She’s already taken her last exam, so that whole last stressed out, cramming at the kitchen table, notecards everywhere moment has come and gone.

Yesterday, I drove to the other side of the state to hear her perform in the All State Choir. Her sister sang with that choir twice, and the concert the group gives after two intense days of practice with other high school singers from all over the state, is always fantastic. This was the last one for me, since I won’t have a high schooler next year. It was an hour and a half of gorgeous sound. And the last song, “Music Down In My Soul” was just right. My younger daughter has always had music down in her soul. She was humming almost before she was speaking in sentences, and we began music classes together when she was just two. She’s a beautiful piano player with a gift for playing by ear.

The energy, the lyrics, the smiles, and the pride that radiated from those singers on the stage yesterday afternoon made for a perfect ending to a bittersweet “last” and I’m celebrating.

5 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week

  1. We’re right there with you on the lasts with our youngest also graduating this year. It’s glorious and heartbreaking at the same time. We’re empty nesters too very soon though we are putting it off a little by having an exchange student for the fall semester. We are totally cheating. 🙂


  2. It makes me happy to hear all these, although there is a tinge of bittersweet in there too. But the ‘happy’ is that you’re recording the moments so beautifully. Everyone should relish those lasts as you are.


  3. What a beautiful collection of celebrations. I’m reminded how much of life is about beginnings and endings and beginnings again.

    Here’s to collecting celebrations, even when they are bittersweet!


  4. Oh, I love how you’re capturing those lasts, tears and all. Remember that soon you’ll be embarking on a whole new set of firsts. You’ve described this daughter perfectly as you mentioned that she hummed before she spoke in sentences. And your description of the “stressed out, cramming at the kitchen table, notecards everywhere moment” was spot on. It took me back even though it’s been more than a decade since my last one flew the nest.


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