A different kind of spring break

This week is spring break for me and instead of planning a grand adventure, I decided to spend most of the week at home. Over the last four years, I’ve traveled to amazing spots during this week. This year my older daughter and I will spend the weekend in Washington, D.C., but for now I’m home and enjoying a bit of wide-open time.

Time for a delicious lunch and lively conversation with former colleagues.

Time for mid-afternoon walks when the sun is still high in the sky.

Time for reading in bed in the morning and staying up late in the evening.

Time for helping a friend move and make her new space feel like a home.

Time for wine and catching up with some of my favorite people.

Time for overdue errands and organizing my taxes and whittling down the to-do list at home.

And best of all, time for planning the next travel adventure to Scotland in June!


6 thoughts on “A different kind of spring break

  1. Great post. I’m having a similar Break here. And when we go back and colleagues ask what I “did”, I think I’ll tell them I enjoyed a great Break here with my family and with my self.

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  2. I love breaks like this! It’s tempting to fill the void with activities, but I never regret having a few days to sit around and just BE. That doesn’t really happen because I have 2 young children, but it’s still nice to have a few days in a row when we can sleep until we are ready to get up, and we can do the things we feel like doing and nothing more.

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