Sick Day

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It’s nothing that can’t be cured by rest, fluids and medication. But, it’s been a while since I spent almost the entire day in bed. I’ve just relocated to the sofa because it seemed like maybe I should have a change of scene or elevation or something. I’d forgotten that when you don’t feel well it is actually possible to spend most of the day sleeping. The only thing I accomplished was boiling water to make tea. Slug is the word that comes to mind. It was a sluggish day for me. My old cat Lucy was in heaven. She had a napping buddy all day long. Now that I’ve come downstairs, I’m wondering what I missed today, what I need to catch up on tomorrow, and how on earth I will sleep tonight.  Okay, that last part… I’m not really worried about that. The challenge will probably be staying awake long enough to catch up on emails and school work.


5 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. You know, I actually like that you feel guilty and are worrying about what you are missing. It means you care! I was so annoyed today when I saw that one of our teachers was out yet again, for personal things like trips to the dentist, when she was gone last week for a “personal workshop”. She needs to stay in her classroom for more than a few days at a time, in my opinion. But, I also agree with your sister, get totally better before you go back. The viruses have been nasty this year and your recovery will be delayed if you go back to soon. Take Care.


  2. I haven’t had a sick day in years…until a few weeks ago. I too stayed in bed, and my sweet dog seemed happy to have a cuddle partner! I hope you feel better soon!


  3. In my second year of teaching my sister, who had started teaching the year before me, gave this wise piece of advice: If you are sick on Thursday, you are sick on Friday. Although we want to get back and it is a pain in the neck to write lesson plans, it sometimes pays to take one more day so you are completely well by Monday. You might be fine going back tomorrow, but think it over.


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