Stories Lead to Stories

slice of life updated

As I picked up my copy of the picture book Flight to continue reading it to my third grade readers, Alex called out, “Ms. Keeler, Ms Keeler. Wait. I have something to say.”

“Yes, Alex?” I asked, putting the book in my lap.

“My great-grandfather was one of the people who helped pay for the plane.” Alex announced.

“Charles Lindbergh’s plane? The Spirit of St. Louis?” I responded.

“Yes. And he took a picture and we have it and I forgot to bring it in today.”

“He took a picture of the plane?”

“Uh huh. He was there. He was there when the plane took off.”

“Wow,” I thought. I had all kinds of questions and so did his classmates. I’m often surprised by Alex but this may have been the biggest surprise all year. Clearly he’d gone home and talked about the book we were reading together. I loved that. And lo and behold he came back with an amazing story about our story.

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