At this moment

At this moment, I’m listening to the fire I just lit, hoping it will take the chill off my high-ceilinged first floor space.

At this moment my almost 16 year old cat is meowing because she forgot (as she does every night) that I already fed her.

At this moment, sweet potatoes are baking in the oven.

At this moment my hands are cold because I just wheeled the trash can down my hilly driveway in the whipping wind.

At this moment, there are chocolate chips on my counter, waiting to be folded into cookie dough and made into cookies to welcome my older daughter home at the end of this week.

At this moment I am thinking about the 32 parent teacher conferences I will participate in soon.

At this moment, my legs and rear end are sore from a barre class I took this afternoon after school.

At this moment, I have laundry stacked on the stairs, waiting to be put away.

At this moment I am listening to CNN in the background… a discussion about health care.

At this moment I’m wishing for spring.

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