slice of life updatedWaking early after a long travel day felt a little bit like just learning how to ride a bike. Wobbly at first. I wasn’t sure I wanted to start the day and was less than convinced that it would be fun. But by the time I stepped into the shower, I knew I could stay upright. It was a two-cups -of-coffee morning, and as I finished the second, I was ready to do more than draft. As I unlocked my classroom door, I was gaining momentum, the way I feel when I commit to more resistance on the bike or pull to the front. And the hour and a half of FabLab time with first graders who were planning and creating leprechaun traps? My muscles were strong, my breathing was steady, and I could feel the energy both around and inside me. When my first reading group arrived in my classroom, we were all smiles. The day’s rhythm was satisfying, the pace energizing. We were running it out. The first day back was as fulfilling as a tough cycling class. Just enough challenge. A few quick sprints. No saddle sores. Tired but smiling.

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  1. Glad you made it through the day! We are struggling through the week before break anticipation while you are struggling with the post break slump


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