slice of life updated

6:45 Woke up to bright sun, a soft breeze and the sound of gentle waves lapping at the shore. A morning walk, and a leisurely breakfast.

9:30 Tennis. Not my most brilliant hour on the court, but good exercise and great fun.

10:45 Dip in the pool. Sat in the shade and got lost in my book (The Language of Flowers) for an hour.

12:00 Core and strength class. Just the two of us and one ambitious instructor. Outside, on a covered porch, overlooking the water.

1:15 Massage. Heaven. No other words.

2:30 Lunch. The view and the food were both delicious.

3:30 Writing

And there is still the beach, and the sunset, and a late dinner. And then two more days of this. I don’t live like this all the time. But a few days in paradise with my favorite guy is just what the doctor ordered. Come join us!



12 thoughts on “Today

  1. It looks wonderful! Enjoy—I got to spend a few days in paradise in January, and loved the recharging opportunities! Keep writing so we can join in vicariously!


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