A trip to the doctor

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She’s not a complainer, but she doesn’t like going to the doctor. Luckily she has enjoyed relatively good health, so doctor visits have been infrequent. When I schedule them for her, I tend not to mention anything until just before we have to go. And on our way there I always try to keep the conversation calm and breezy. “We’ll be there in just a minute and it won’t take long at all,” I tell her. We don’t usually have to wait more than a minute or two to be shown to an exam room, and once we’re there, she seems to resign herself to the situation. Perhaps a shot, surely a weigh in, maybe some blood work. She perches quietly on the exam table and glances at me every so often. It’s okay, I say with my eyes, as I reach out my hand and rest it on her shoulder. “We won’t be here long. And then you can go home and nap, okay?” I say to her. She looks non-plussed.

This time we have to wait a little longer, and she gets restless. “I’m sure he’ll be in soon. He’s just backed up with others,” I offer in my most soothing voice. She continues to look skeptical.

Finally, the door opens, and he walks in. “How’s Lucy doing?” he asks me. “Okay, I respond. She’s old…” my voice trails off.  “Yes,” he replies, “I don’t see too many cats who are about to be 16.”


9 thoughts on “A trip to the doctor

  1. Like everyone, I was really wondering who “she” was! Sounds like your vet runs a timely schedule, which must be nice. I love pieces like this, ones where readers have to do a little work. Reminds me of a mentor text I love called “She,” by Rosa Guy. I usually just use the first page, but it’s similar.

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  2. I was totally surprised at who the patient was–I was expecting a small person to the be the patient! I thought it was awesome that you didn’t have to wait too long in the waiting room–that place is a hotbed of germs! Probably not at the Vet’s though.

    We, too, having an aging kitty. Each day we have with our 19 year old Willy is a good day.

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  3. I went back an forth from imagining “her” to be your daughter to an aging parent…but I couldn’t imagine a primary care physician being on time for appointments. I kept wondering, “Who’s her doctor?” I would love to not be in waiting rooms forever with my 88 year old mom.
    Now, my cat, MIckey. Not patient.


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