she is from #sol21 #18

She is from a tough as nails mother

And a father who adored her

From rations and black out curtains and long summers spent away from the city for fear of Polio

She’s from waste not want not

And clear your plate

And shake hands and look me in the eye

From you can do better more than you are a superstar

She’s from a brother on either side who each loved her fiercely in their own way

She is from sun worship not sunscreen

And dinners at the dining room table, though sometimes still in your bathing suit if it’s at the beach cottage and the inside temperature is too oppressive for anything else

She’s from birthdays with angel food cake and chocolate icecream

and day after birthday breakfasts with leftover cake

She is from fierce and independent and elegant and irreverent

She is from genes that I do not share, but she is mine.

4 thoughts on “she is from #sol21 #18

  1. This is so lovely! Your ending is so powerful, and I love, love the details you chose to paint such a vivid picture of her personality. I was going to say a favorite detail, but as I reread, I can’t choose–I love so many of them. Thank you for a beautiful read!


  2. Clean your plate, shake hands, look others in the eye, do better–these were the messages from my parents, too. There’s was a great generation. I miss them.


  3. This is SO GOOD! I get a sense of who your mom is as a person. The ending is perfect and I adore how you reflect on who she is and acknowledge the kind of mother/woman/person she is.

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