#sol20 number 15

slice of life updated

“I want to go see the peach trees,” I declared. For a few minutes or maybe a couple of hours my head and heart needed to step away from the computer and phone, away from work and into nature. Just for a bit.

“Okay…” he said. He’s generally very agreeable, but I could practically see the thought bubble over his head… “She’s losing it. I better just humor her and drive out there.” He didn’t say that out loud. Instead he said, “Let’s go.”

We climbed in the car and headed west. Nothing about my request violated the social distancing habits we are all trying to adhere to right now. It was just us in the car. And it was just us on the edge of the field when we arrived.

I spotted the pink haze on the horizon while we were still on the paved road. Soon the car tires crunched on the gravel and we were driving alongside the field full of trees with gnarled limbs, full of knots, and covered with a blanket of bright pink blooms. Peach tree flowering season is my favorite. And this year the beauty brought added joy and comfort.

“With any luck,” I thought, “by the time the fruit is ready to pick, COVID-19 will be something we are living with, not something we live in fear of.”


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