Rusty writing muscles

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For one reason excuse or another, lately I haven’t been writing.  I’ve fallen out of the habit. It feels hard. I have no ideas, or I have ideas but no words. What I want most to write about is too personal for a public space. So I choose to write nothing at all. My writing muscles have grown rusty.

Last night I read Cory Taylor’s Questions for Me About Dying from the July 31st, 2017 issue of The New Yorker. These two sentences have been rolling around my brain ever since:

“It is my bliss, this thing called writing, and it has been since my school days. It isn’t just the practice that enthralls me—it’s everything else that goes with it, all the habits of mind.”

Writing, like the lap pool on a sunny afternoon, or the dinner table with good friends on a Saturday evening, is a happy place for me. I miss curling up with my notebook and a favorite pen, or opening my laptop to start a draft.

Over the years, writing has helped me find my joy, reflect on my gratitude and push through my grief. When writing I capture precious moments and take risks. And yet, over the last few months I slipped out of the habit with shocking ease and not very much remorse.

Recently though, reminders,-or maybe nudges- to write pop up every time I turn a corner. It’s like like the good-for-you-friend who knows when to say, “Enough with the excuses. Get back to it.” It’s time for me to end the slump.

“Writing, even if, most of the time, you are only doing it in your head, shapes the world, and makes it bearable.” said Taylor, as she wrote about her own dying.



Thank you Stacey, Beth, Betsy, Melanie, Deb, Lanny, and Kathleen for providing a space and a nudge to write every week at Two Writing Teachers.


10 thoughts on “Rusty writing muscles

  1. “Writing, even if, most of the time, you are only doing it in your head, shapes the world, and makes it bearable.” Thank you for sharing..


  2. You just got so real about the struggle of writing. As a college student I find it SO hard to write for enjoyment. It always seems like a chore to me because every time I turn around I have a paper due. However, that should not stop me from writing for enjoyment. I always make up the excuse that I just don’t have time but I always seem to have time for netflix!!! The quotes you used were awesome and I jotted them down for that extra nudge to write! Thanks for sharing Lisa!


  3. I know what you mean, friend. It is something we let go at times. Writing is for me. That might be why I choose to let it go when things overwhelm. But perhaps the most important writing we do all the time is the writing we do in our head to shape our world. Good to hear your voice.


  4. I’ve been intentionally planning interesting (to me) topics for Writer’s Workshop instead of just modeling any old sentence that pops into my head. It’s difficult some days!


  5. “Writing, even if, most of the time, you are only doing it in your head, shapes the world, and makes it bearable.” Love this. Thank you for writing and sharing this with us this week.


  6. Writing regularly is so very hard. Especially with the life change (or job change) you’re going through right now… it’s hard to make time for something like that. However, once you get back in the groove, you’ll be in a better place.


  7. I definitely agree with you. I have had numerous occasions where writing is so hard for me, because I have no idea what to say. But i think the point is to try and write.


  8. Lisa,
    Thanks for writing about how hard it is today and including some cross outs. I think that honesty is what I love most about this community because we can share our own messy thinking and our friends will understand. Not every day is easy. Some days it’s just a revision. But it’s always important to show up and write!

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