slice of life updated

On Saturdays at noon and Sundays after church

He’d head to the kitchen

and slowly gather the ingredients

to make sandwiches

on thin bread, or rye.

A modest smear of mayonnaise and mustard,

then roast beef or ham.

A slice of swiss cheese if we had it,

and a bit of tomato in summer- he’d hone the knife blade on the sharpening stone first.

A piece of lettuce, always lettuce.

A grind of pepper and a sprinkle of salt.

I’d stand to the side watching, my mouth watering,

wondering why his sandwiches

tasted so much better than anybody else’s.

I miss those sandwiches that tasted like childhood and love.

12 thoughts on “Sandwiches

  1. This is an amazing mentor text of slowing down time, weaving sensory images, and creating a mood within a piece of writing. Your last lines are powerful–maybe because of how you develop the details that all mattered so much. Beautiful writing, Lisa.


  2. I love how you slowed down time and told this slice step by step. The action was so detailed I could see it and almost taste it. I think love was the secret ingredient that made it so tasty!


  3. Lisa, this is beautiful. Love this line, “I miss those sandwiches that tasted like childhood and love.” It’s funny how we are both thinking about the passing of time, but in different ways.


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