if we were having coffee

Thank you, Elisabeth Ellington at The Dirigible Plum for the inspiration and format I’m using for my slice today.

If we were having coffee, you’d know you were part of my small group of close friends because I’m not a have-coffee-with-just-anyone-chit-chat-kind-of gal. We’d get right to the point, and I’d expect an honest answer when I ask, “How are you,” and you’d get the truth from me.

Also, I’d probably be drinking tea because I rarely do coffee after that first morning cup at home. You’d know that and laugh at/with me for bringing my own tea bag. But you’d know that I can be a little particular about food and drink, and it wouldn’t bother you.

If we were having coffee, we’d ask each other about our children, or pets, or both, and we might compare notes about worrying about an aging parent who still lives on their own and too far away.

We’d definitely talk about what we’re each reading right now, and I’d have to rummage down in my purse to find a pen and a scrap of paper or reach for a napkin to write down the titles you shared because we both know I won’t remember them otherwise. You’d say, “Don’t worry, I’ll text you.”

If we were having coffee, I’d want to know what great recipes you’ve discovered recently, where you like to take long walks lately, how your regular tennis game is going, and what tips you have for helping me get started on a major closet purge.

I’d tell you that my Sunday pickleball game is my church these days, and I have mixed feelings about that, but I’m not going to wallow in the guilt. The laughter on the Sunday morning court does me a world of good, I’d tell you, justifying my absence from a house of worship just a little bit. And you’d probably tell me to lighten up, that is just as it should be, and not to sweat it.

If we were having coffee, you’d ask me if we have set a wedding date yet, and when I shrugged and told you we hadn’t, you would not press. We’d move on to a lighter topic like growing dahlias or summer vacation plans. We’d finish our coffee, sigh, and admit it was time to get on with the rest of the day, stand on the sidewalk a few minutes longer and hug like we meant it before waving goodbye and vowing to do this again soon even though we both know it might be months before we make that happen.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for hosting the annual Slice of Life Challenge. My life would be smaller without writing. I am proud to be participating in my 10th annual SOL writing challenge with you.

2 thoughts on “if we were having coffee

  1. I love the format! I was able to find something that we have in common and something surprising to me amidst all the information you shared.

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