candles and cloth napkins

The napkins are never ironed or perfectly folded. Who has time for that? Sometimes they don’t match each other and often they clash with the color of the plates. The candles are usually tea lights in chipped glass votives that would benefit from a good scrub in hot water. But, cloth napkins and candles are almost always part of our dinner routine. Dinner might be as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich or eggs scrambled with leftovers from the vegetable bin. And we often eat sitting on the sofa, watching the evening news or catching up about the day, rather than at the table or kitchen island. But cloth napkins and candles are my non negotiables. Cloth napkins mostly. Somehow, they make even a thrown together supper feel just a tiny bit special.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for hosting the annual Slice of Life Challenge. My life would be smaller without writing. I am proud to be participating in my 10th annual SOL writing challenge with you.

3 thoughts on “candles and cloth napkins

  1. I love that they’re not ironed. Every now and then Garth irons the napkins that we use (every night, also) and I’m like, why do whey need to be ironed. Maybe I’ll get better about candles. I loved your descriptions of the details.

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