The return of the bookworm

My reading life has suffered in recent years. Sometime after the initial shock of life in Covid wore off, I lost interest in reading. Could not focus, did not want to sit quietly with a book, neglected to read the NYT Sunday book review. Books and I parted ways. They were replaced by Netflix and Hulu series, long walks in the countryside, sourdough bread baking, and Zoom conversations with family and friends. Reading has always been central to my well-being, though. And I began to miss the things that reading does for my heart and brain- filling me with new information, quirky characters, delightful plot twists, scenes in faraway places. In December, I vowed to recommit to reading for pleasure. I dusted off my library card, subscribed to a blog that features reading reviews, and started reading the Book Review section of the NYT again. Since then, I’ve completed five books- The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Signal Fires, Between Two Kingdoms, Fellowship Point, and Demon Copperhead. Up next: We All Want Impossible Things and Lessons in Chemistry. My reading life is alive and well again, and I am better for it.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for hosting the annual Slice of Life Challenge. My life would be smaller without writing. I am proud to be participating in my 10th annual SOL writing challenge with you.

10 thoughts on “The return of the bookworm

  1. It’s definitely been hard to keep my reading mojo over the past 3 years. I have had a lot of struggles as well. I loved Lessons in Chemistry–it’s on my top 10 list from last year. And I have We All Want Impossible Things checked out from the library right now!

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  2. You are definitely not alone….I have recommitted to reading this year (since September) following the “homework” I give my students: 30 minutes, every day! Like my students, it is sometimes a chore, but it always pays off when I find the just right book to sink into.

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  3. Good for you, Lisa, that you’re back on board with reading. I so know what you mean. Sometimes I take a hiatus from reading, often after I’m done with one long intense book. But it feels really good to get back. I’m writing down some of your suggestions. Thanks.

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  4. I heard Donalyn Miller speak last weekend, and she addressed this problem. It is real, and it is far and wide. It is somewhat comforting that we are not alone.

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  5. I love this recommitment so much, thank you for sharing with us!! I, too, somewhere somehow parted ways with reading. I get in these ruts where I just don’t want to; I’d rather be watching a Netflix series! And then other times, I get into a book and can’t put it down despite it being the middle of the night.

    I have “Seven Husbands…” sitting on my nightstand. Maybe I’ll start that one next! How was “Between Two Kingdoms?” Do you keep up with Suleika and what she writes (Isolation Journals & her Substack)? She’s excellent! I haven’t read her book though.

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  6. Oh what a list! I’m off to my book club retreat today and had forgotten that I wanted to recommend Demon Copperhead (we’re allowed to recommend three titles). Thanks so much for jogging my memory. I’ve also wanted to read Fellowship Point! How was Signal Fires? I’ve looked at it too. So many books, never enough time. Congrats on finding your reading groove again!

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