Never say never

The alarm on my phone begins to beep at 5 am and I slide my hand to the nightstand and fumble to silence it. I climb out of bed and feel my way to the bathroom where I’ve piled leggings, a t-shirt, and sneakers. The latch on the door clicks too loudly as I close it so I can flip on the light. Pulling on my exercise clothes while moving towards the sink, I brush my teeth, splash my face with water, and use my fingers to arrange my hair into an almost ponytail. Clutching my phone, I ease the bathroom door open, tiptoe around the bed, step into the hallway, and halt until I activate the flashlight feature so I can light my way to descend the stairs. In the kitchen I fill my water bottle, grab the car keys on the island, and head out the back door. It’s 5:10. The dark drive on country roads is not my favorite. I do not turn on the radio or connect to a Spotify playlist. My eyes sweep left to right, searching for deer who always seem to lurk just around each blind curve and at the edge of road. By 5:23 I’m pulling in to my destination, the tires of my car crunching over the gravel on the driveway. I park, grab my rolled up exercise mat and cycling shoes, and walk toward Helen’s studio. The lights are on, the music is going, and each of us is finding a bike, changing shoes, climbing onto our bikes, and clipping in. We smile and say hi. There is conversation but not too much. It is early. We are all still waking up. And we are here. Class begins at 5:30. I’ve always said I am not an early morning exerciser. I would never do that, I told those who know me best. But I can, and I do, and I am. Doing IT. Exercising before the sun rises. It feels good. I am proud. Of me.

6 thoughts on “Never say never

  1. Hooray! Good for you. It feels so good to start the day this way. I’ve fallen out of a morning workout routine and it’s so hard to fit it in in the evenings. You’re inspiring me to get back to it!

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  2. Good for you! An injury has kept me from my walks. Looking forward to getting back into the habit. Plus, it’s been hard in my new locale. Stories like yours are encouraging.

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    1. I can relate- so many injuries. Broke my wrist last May and had surgery and still do not have full use of it (and therefore my arm). Also dealing with significant nerve damage in one thigh. So, exercise is hard. And also worth it. Good luck! Keep trying.

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  3. You should be proud! Though not in the early morning, I’ve been getting into an exercise habit at my local Y… ChairOne, a group made up mostly of retirees, but with a young and energetic instructor and lively music.

    However we manage to do it, exercise feels good, and we can be proud.

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