since last march #sol21 #16

My goal this March has been to write as much as I could about one subject- trying different craft moves and structures while staying on the same topic. My subject has been my mom. Today Im returning to the familiar “Since last March,” structure.

She’d insist otherwise, but she’s a bit shorter now. Her shoulders, no longer strong and broad, take a little less space in the decades old sweater.

Since last March, her days are slower and more quiet, now without the Sunday concert series, seasonal lectures, occasional gatherings with friends, and monthly garden club meetings.

The old dog who is her constant companion is slower too since last March, and grayer, and more diminished. Their daily walks are short and she has to talk him into it. Sometimes I think she talks herself into it too.

She hasn’t seen her grandchildren, her nieces and nephews, her friends, or her hairdresser since last March.

She and I canceled a trip to New York, gave up tickets to Hamilton for one of the last shows before the city shut down, stayed in different houses when I went to visit her last summer, spent a quiet, careful Thanksgiving together, and both got our vaccines since last March.

4 thoughts on “since last march #sol21 #16

  1. She might be shorter, but she’s still sharp and funny and opinionated and smart and strong. And she loves hard–you, her dog, her house, her puzzles… she’s an inspiration and I love how you’re celebrating her.

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  2. Such a great idea to slice about your mom through March! It will be an amazing collection of memories! I think I’ll start doing that too, write about mom some, then dad some… Wow!

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