31 things about her #sol21 #12

If you’ve been reading my slices this March, you know I’m writing about my mom. So- this March I’m writing 31 things about her.

  1. Having outlived her siblings and my father and his sister, she is the matriarch of our family- on both her side and my father’s. She’s been one the next generation of our family calls not just to check in and see how she is, but for counsel too.
  2. She is not a morning person. And now that she’s 85, she isn’t a night owl either.
  3. Some months after my father died (almost 25 years ago) she sold his car and hers, bought a new Volvo wagon and declared that was the last car she would ever buy. She is still driving it.
  4. She still gardens a bit, but once upon a time she spent hours every day in the dirt. She grew beautiful roses, interesting perennials, and tended to her boxwoods diligently.
  5. She doesn’t eat lunch and rarely eats anything sweet.
  6. She loved to travel and showed my sister and me the world. We traveled with friends in a VW bus and stayed in cheap hotels and saw nearly all of France that way when I was 12.
  7. She has a rebellious, rule-breaking streak, even at 85. When I was 8 and our family was moving back to the U.S. from Cyprus, just 8 months after moving there, she decided to take my sister and me out of school and on a detour, for a month. That is when I learned to ski in Switzerland with a German instructor who spoke no English. I spoke no German.
  8. She failed out of college, intentionally. She graduated from a school she preferred.
  9. She puts lots of butter on her bread.
  10. Red is one of her favorite colors.
  11. She insisted I wear dresses or skirts to school until I was in 5th grade. I still remember the first time she let me wear pants and look like everyone else.
  12. She sits at her kitchen table every night for dinner.
  13. She was an accomplished sailor and owned a beautiful (small) sailboat until she was almost 80.
  14. She saves everything. I recently convinced her to throw out the stack of articles about our last president that she saved all during the longest four years ever. I’m still not sure why she was saving them- she was not a fan.
  15. She still owns a turntable listens to records- opera- full volume.
  16. When I was little it was Petula Clark, the Beatles, Bob Seger, and others. Also full volume.
  17. She wears my father’s sweaters. Still.
  18. She doesn’t and never did wear makeup except when she was going out in the evening.
  19. She loves almost anything that includes pistachios.
  20. She was never a baker, but once a year, at Christmas, she made cheesecakes for extended family.
  21. She was a good athlete and always beat me on the tennis court.
  22. She loves working crossword puzzles.
  23. She’s a good dancer.
  24. She reads the local newspaper every morning while she has two small cups of coffee. No sugar or cream.
  25. She wanted to go to law school and become an attorney but her father said no.
  26. She has to be convinced to drink water.
  27. She gives her beloved dog a spoonful of ice cream every evening.
  28. She writes letters to her Senator and members of Congress when she has things to say about local and state matters.
  29. She watches the news every evening but believes the tv should not be on during the day unless something of national consequence is happening.
  30. She’s never been a fan of sunscreen. Or modern day Hollywood stars. Or chewing gum.
  31. She believes in good manners and is not a fan of hugging people she hardly knows.

9 thoughts on “31 things about her #sol21 #12

  1. I love learning about your mom! My favorite tidbits are intentionally failing out of college, “spoonful of ice cream every evening”, and no sugar or cream in her coffee. Thankful Melanie linked your post to her post about hugs.


  2. Your mom sounds amazing and I love how you focused on the parts that make her unique. I would love to have dinner with her at her table….she sounds like a wonderful character!


  3. Wow, this list format really captures your mom! I didn’t think a list could be so powerful. I must try it. I loved the Volvo, #6 where she took you traveling and through France at age12, wearing your father’s sweaters, #25, 27, 28 and 29. Quite a wonderful list, Lisa.

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  4. I really like this idea of making lists about people. Sometimes it’s hard to see the full person, but putting everything you know about the person creates a bigger picture. Will you share the list with her and see if she has anything to add?

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  5. I love that list. It is in the sum of the details of a person that we fully see them. My favorite details were the one about her wearing your father’s sweater and feeding her dog one spoon-full of ice-cream.

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  6. I love her. I can’t decide which thing about her I love the most. Wearing your dad’s sweaters chokes me up. The spoonful of ice cream for her dog, the Volvo! Thank you for sharing her with us.

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