it helps to call it something other than help #sol21 #9

Her house- the big beautiful one- is more than she can manage, no matter what she says or how much she loves it.

When I arrived on Sunday, I entered through the seldom used front door, navigating the loose step and soft wood threshold.

“Oh dear,” she remarked as she stepped forward to hug me, “the painters tried to fix that last summer but I guess I need to call someone.”

“Maybe we can do that this week while I’m here,” I replied, leaning down to pet her old dog who’d wandered into the hall to join us.

The late afternoon sun streams through the open door, and the cobwebs and layer of dust are on full display. Tomorrow, I think to myself, I’ll tell her I need some exercise and that is why I’m going to pull out the vacuum cleaner, furniture polish, and rags.

8 thoughts on “it helps to call it something other than help #sol21 #9

  1. In general, I think that it is hard to ask for help (and receive it, too). It must be difficult to realize that you cannot take care of something that you used to be able to!

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  2. As a recovering help-resister, I always felt judged or like I needed fixed when I thought people were trying to help. It wasn’t until I learned to reframe asking for help as a sign of trust that I started to appreciate help. I enjoy how you are reframing help as a way to burn some energy.

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  3. I remember my mom employing tricks like that (similar to your vacuuming for exercise) at my grandmother’s house once she got into her late 80s. It was always a bit of an argument since my grandmother had a lot of pride and didn’t like to accept help.

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