OLW 2021/part one

Each January I choose a word-one little word (OLW)- to guide me for the coming year. A touchpoint, a goal, a guardrail, a guide.

Trust is the word that has found me this year. For a thousand and more reasons I know it’s the right, if challenging word. I do not know what I have in store for my word or what my word has in store for me.

Our country is broken. There is too much anger and hatred and there are too many people who aren’t safe and aren’t heard. Too many broken dreams and broken hearts and broken lives.

Words matter. Actions matter.

I trust myself to speak up and speak out and stand strong and stay true.

I trust that the world (and I) will work hard to right the wrongs and calm the waters and reach high and go high and do better.

Let’s do more and do better. Shall we begin with trust?

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