writing the moments

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“Write the moments,” Kathleen Sokolowski’s blog post was titled. Kathleen, along with a talented team of educators, shares wisdom, resources, lesson ideas, and invitations to write on the Two Writing Teachers blog. I’m a huge fan of the team and the blog.

Those three words… write the moments… have rolled around in my brain for the last week. I am reminded that writers write to make sense of the moments. And boy is this time in schools full of moments. Moments that are all new. Hard moments. Uncertain moments. Confusing moments. And… joyful moments. Lots of joyful moments.

Yesterday, in my corner of the world, we all woke up to pouring rain. Rain, I had hoped, would not happen Monday- Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Alas, my wish was granted for the first seven days of on-campus, in person school. Day eight brought something completely other.

I stood outside with several colleagues to help with arrival. Cars pulled into the circle, Holding an umbrella in one hand, I used the other to open car doors, and students emerged, some in raincoats, some not. As the rain grew heavier, we all ushered students towards the entrance manned by more adults overseeing temperature scanning devices. It’t hard to see smiling eyes on gloomy mornings when everyone is masked and wearing raincoats with hoods. But I could hear the smiles in the “Good morning” greetings. Hearing smiles is new for me. Before COVID I only saw them. Now, I feel them, I hear them, and I know them. Maybe I also look for them.

School arrival never felt special or notable before. It was always fun to see families, to open car doors, say hello to families, and welcome students for another day of learning. Now… it’s special. Every day that I get to stand out in front of our school, pouring rain or shining sun, arrival is a moment I savor. We are at school in person for another day. And no matter the weather, it was a mostly a joyful day.

5 thoughts on “writing the moments

  1. Love this Lisa! I am so humbled and honored that my post spoke to you and that you are sharing with us your moments. This was beautiful.


  2. “Write the moments” is such good advice, and you’ve written a lovely moment, so normal that it’s exceptional. I wish I’d gone outside and stood in the rain yesterday. I’m going to try to be better about savoring and writing the small moments. Thank you.


  3. Lisa, I loved the line “now I can hear the smiles.” I, too, can hear the smiles as you write these special moments about returning to school. No doubt, you’re positive attitude will lead to a great year for you and your students. Good luck!


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