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Somewhere in all of this chaos, I think there might be a book. I’m mulling over titles, which I understand is an odd place to start.

From the Land of Yoga Pants and Comfy Tops

Going the Distance, Socially and Otherwise

What Began When It All Ended; How I Started To Live When the World Came To a Halt.

In all seriousness, it is occurring to me that I need goals, structure and maybe a new project. Working remotely is keeping me busy. Last week was all about working as quickly as I could to support as many of my colleagues as possible. It was about learning many digital platforms and exploring resources. It was a hard and strangely beautiful week. But something is missing- students and colleagues and families of course. And something I haven’t yet put my finger on. I am craving a way to document and process this whole experience.  So this morning, I’m playing with ideas for a book.



9 thoughts on “#sol20

  1. Love this! My boyfriend has been trying to get me to write/illustrate a children’s book with him, and this seems like a better time than ever to put some time into doing that. Consider this one vote for “From the Land of Yoga Pants and Comfy Tops” 🙂


  2. Yes, do it! Write, create, document. I think it may be more than important. This seems to be a defining moment and we will need many voices and observers to help us make sense when we reach the other side.


  3. Yes, goals and projects are important right now, when work isn’t quite the priority/ using up as much time as before. I didn’t touch my planner for a week, and didn’t do much as a result. Now changing that mode with lists and plans. Moving forward! And I especially like the last title of your list, because I’m thinking things definitely won’t be the same after this…

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  4. ” I need goals, structure and maybe a new project. ” I feel the same way. Although I am a knitter, I am revisiting bookbinding, a craft I did a decade or so ago.

    This definitely needs recording. I heard an interview on NPR a few days ago about the importance of chronicling people’s everyday experiences. Here’s a link in case you are interested.


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