yoga fixes it all

slice of life updated

The light is dim and the air is cool as I walk into the room, ready to release the tension of the day.

I find a spot in the shadows in the back and roll out my mat.

Soft music plays through small speakers tucked into corners of the ceiling.

My mind continues to replay the events of the day. Did I spend enough time with that student? How could I have taught that concept better? Was that teacher looking for a different answer from me? Were my notes from the afternoon meeting thorough enough? Had that call gone as hoped? Did I remember to write down my idea about the lesson I’d observed?

I lay back on the mat and extend my left leg, the tricky one, toward the ceiling, threading my foot through the loop of the strap, pulling the slack towards me. My thigh cramps immediately, as if to say no… no…. haven’t I done enough today?

My left hand moves instinctively to rub out the kink. All of my other parts are craving the stretch and peace that the coming hour promises. I breathe in and out slowly and close my eyes.

Others trickle in, find their spots and gather what they need.

It’s time. Class begins. I work to slow my breath and quiet my mind. Already my neck begins to loosen. My brain quiets. My heart rate slows. My muscles ready themselves for the hour that will fix everything. At least for a moment.



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