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We’ve reached the point in our school year where it becomes a lot about “lasts.” Today we had our last fire drill. I’m more than half way through reading the last read-aloud to my second grader readers. They’ve nearly finished their last assessments. Next week will be the last full week of school. We’ll have our last chapel and our last FABLab and our last reading and language arts class a week from Friday. It’s a bittersweet time punctuated with moments for celebration and reflection.

Family writing shares. Field day. Fourth graders presenting their kindergarten buddies with stories written just for them.

The pre school trike-a-thon. The junior kindergarten family tea time. Eighth grade exhibitions. Upper School graduation. Class parties and culminating activities galore. And time to celebrate and say farewell to longtime colleagues who are retiring.

It’s mid-May. As one of my favorite former administrators used to say, “Buckle up.”

Do the children I taught see themselves as readers? Did they discover books and authors they love? Will they start a summer TBR pile, visit a library, read over the summer? Have I given them everything I could? Will they leave with fond memories?

It’s a time of jumbled emotions around here. Excitement for summer. Mixed feelings about transitions and goodbyes. Fatigue and adrenaline take turns dominating my brain and bones. My seatbelt’s fastened, my eyes are wide open and I’m remembering to breathe and take it all in.

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  1. Your post makes me miss my kids already. I am transitioning out of the class next year, so it is certainly the “lasts” of everything for me. Thank you for writing with heart!

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  2. I’m always excited for this time of year, but also feel that sense of urgency … did I do all that I could do? I need more time! But then my students surprise me … and I see how much they have grown and they are ready to be “let free.” So, enjoy it!!

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