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The truth is I am most comfortable in my mom self.

The truth is empty nesting and parenting without a partner are hard.

The truth is folding their laundry, filling the fridge for them, even rinsing the dishes they leave in the sink, brings me peace.

The truth is a meal around the table with lively conversation, or an evening on the sectional watching the next episode of Gilmore Girls with them, is hard to beat.

The truth is I am proud of them for taking classes, holding down jobs, paying their bills, and cooking their own meals.

The truth is I look forward to watching them create their next chapters, land their first jobs, and arrange their first apartments.

The truth is I miss them.




4 thoughts on “#truth

  1. This is such a sweet post. I still have one of my boys at home. He’s 17 and a junior in HS. My other two are away at college. I miss them when they are not here but also proud of the wings we gave them to fly! They are becoming independent, responsible adults and for that I am proud. But, having all my boys under our roof at the same time – heaven! Take care! I hope your blueness passes soon.

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