it was just enough of an adventure

slice of life updated

“Let’s plan some sort of adventure today,” I suggested when he called.

“Well, I was thinking we could clean up those Adirondack chairs of yours. ”

Whaattt? This is not an adventure. Is he serious?

I was imagining a hike or perhaps a drive to my favorite plant nursery or a visit to a winery. The sun was out, the birds were singing. It was a wide-open Saturday.

On the other hand, they are in need of a good scrubbing, I thought.

“And if I bring over the truck we can get your chair and old rug to Goodwill.”

Oh my. This is most definitely not an adventure. But, it would be great to be able to enter my house through the storage room without having to step over that rug. And there is no way I can get those things out of my house by myself, I thought further.

Dating at my age is so different.

Before long we were shoving the rug into the back of the truck and shimmying the old chair in there too. After dropping them off we squeezed in a quick walk on a trail south of town we’d never been on before. We stopped to pick up sandwiches on our way back and sat in the chairs in need of spring cleaning, enjoying lunch in the sun and soft breeze. It felt a little adventurey.

Then back to work.

I texted his grown children a photo of him hunched over a chair, scrub brush in hand. “I suggested an adventure. This was his idea.” They and I had a funny exchange about their trips to Lowe’s and family chore times on Father’s Day. His choice on his day.

It was easy enough. Scrub, rinse, repeat until all four chairs were back on the patio.

I’m not sure I ever would have gotten around to this on my own.

“Thank you. They look amazing,” I told him. And they did. And I would not have done it on my own.

When the chairs had dried and we’d put away the bucket and brushes, he poured us each a glass of wine and we sat in the clean chairs that felt better than new. There was still a soft breeze and the sun was still out. It was just enough adventure.


15 thoughts on “it was just enough of an adventure

  1. What a great slice! And sounds like a good guy, too. I loved your thoughts, your openness, and I could totally hear you saying “Whaattt? This is not an adventure. Is he serious?”
    Great writing, Lisa!

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  2. When we share writing that makes us vulnerable I find that incredibly courageous. I have loved reading your slices this month, Lisa. You are an awesome writing teacher, and a passionate writer. Thank you for a month of slices!

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  3. What an appreciative slice! One that started out in a way that you did not plan for but you went with it and in the end, it all worked out! You wove in just enough description and conversation. The “it’s hard dating at my age” line made the reader understand your perspective just a little bit more. Loved reading this and hearing a piece of your story! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. This seems like such a busy post on the surface, but yet a breath of fresh air, hope, and accomplishment give it a lovely spin. Now if only our weather would warm up a bit so I can return to my gardening tasks…Happy last Slice of SOLSC ’19!

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  5. It was caring of you to be open-minded to his kind of adventure. What a perfect moment to be together: “We sat in the chairs in need of spring cleaning, enjoying lunch in the sun and soft breeze.”

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  6. “Just enough adventure.” Working and playing together is my idea of a perfect day. And doesn’t it feel great when the chores are done?

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  7. Your inner thinking in italic adds so much. It reminds the reader that love is shown by people in different ways. It also shows how much compromise is involved in relationships. Thanks for bravely sharing this glimpse into an adventurous day.

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