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How exactly is “binge watching” defined? Does it imply daily viewing? Plowing through multiple episodes in a series in one sitting? Or is it simply about sticking with a series?

I’m a newbie when it comes to this whole phenomenon. I watched the first two seasons of House of Cards over a year, but quit when the news revealed that Kevin Spacey was eerily like the character he played in that series. Mostly I’m a local news and  college sports t.v. watcher. Mostly I don’t watch t.v. Part of me doesn’t want to be a binge watcher. But about eighteen months ago my daughter encouraged me to give Gilmore Girls a try. The combination of clever, fast-paced dialog and a storyline that centered on a mother and daughter and included a cast of delightfully quirky characters hooked me immediately.

So here I am, halfway through season five (there are seven in all), committed to seeing it through to the end. It makes me laugh. Sometimes it makes me tear up. Occasionally I’ll watch two episodes in a row but usually it’s more like two episodes in a week. Almost always I’m under my covers and feeling too tired to concentrate on my book but not quite ready to turn out the light. Is it binge watching? I’m not sure. Do I feel a little bit guilty? Yup. But I can think of worse things I could be doing with my time.

13 thoughts on “guilty pleasure #sol19

  1. I would say that “binging” can be relative. Multiple episodes in one sitting is binging to some, while what you described is your “binging”. It’s like how much one gambles is relative- $20 feels like an exorbitant amount to some, while $2,000 is just another weekend at the tables for others. Dunno. But I think you hit on that it felt like “binging” to you, and I think that’s what matters.

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  2. You are definitely not binge watching, lol! But I’m with you – I hardly ever have time to watch a show, so when I’m able to it feels like I’m binging! Every once in a while, when I’m sick, I’ll plow through four or five episodes of something lying in bed – that’s binge watching!

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  3. Love how you show your newness to this type of viewing. My wife and I have probably been binge-watchers from time to time… and it’s a nice break from life’s routine sometimes. I’ve heard good things about Gilmore Girls… it’s based on a town called Washington Depot, which is right near where I live.

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  4. That’s not binge watching! That’s just…watching, lol. 2 in a week is just causal watching. When I stay up til 2am watching the 7th episode in a row of The Vampire Diaries…THAT’s binge watching, lol! Enjoy Gilmore Girls. No need to feel guilty!

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  5. Love this! I totally agree with the part you said about how you usally “find yourself watching these shows under your covers when you are too tired to read your book, but not ready to fall asleep.” That is exactly what I do, too!

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  6. I binge-watch on weekends, in the winter. I don’t ever just watch television. I watch television while I am cooking, cleaning, or making visuals for school. It makes me feel a little less isolated.
    I will have to check out Gilmore Girls. I have heard good things.

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  7. Thanks for helping us to be there in this line: “…under my covers and feeling too tired to concentrate on my book but not quite ready to turn out the light.”

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