sunday treat

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She texted, “I’m coming home to pick up a couple of things.”

“Ok, sounds good,” I replied.

YESSSS… I thought. Maybe she will stay and chat for a bit.

We’d just returned from a late afternoon walk, decided to build a fire in the fire pit, sit in the Adirondack chairs, and enjoy a glass of wine.

Maybe she’ll want to sit by the fire too. Maybe she’ll have time for a glass of wine.

My empty nester mom self was full of cautious optimism.

She and her sister go toย  college right here in town. I try so hard to pretend my girls areย  five hundred miles away.. .to give them space and have no expectation of seeing them often. Mostly I’m good at it.

As I watched her car crest the hill on the dirt road and turn up the driveway, I tried my best to play it cool. I wanted to dash toward the driveway and envelop her in a big old mama hug. But I sat in the chair by the fire, smiling, watching as she pulled her car to a stop, stepped onto the driveway and walked in my direction grinning.

She sat. She chatted. She giggled. She sipped her wine and checked her phone. She was happy to be home, even if only for an hour or so. I was happy too.

7 thoughts on “sunday treat

  1. I so can relate to this! I love how you capture your restraint – the wanting to run over and get the big hug but keeping your cool. I love the Adirondack chairs and wine and fire pit. Such a lovely image! My two daughters are in their 20s and they live about an hour away by train. They came over this weekend and stayed two nights, and I was so happy. We were kidding about who needed who more.

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  2. This is so sweet. We love those brief times with our young adult kids! I, too, love how you told this story through your wishes. Such strong imagery, too – I could see you there sipping wine around the fire, enjoying each other. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. this post makes me so happy — and it also gives me hope that once my kids are all away at college, they will come and visit me and sip wine by the fire. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love how you told this story through your wishes. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad she stayed a bit.

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