the country road hour


slice of life updated

Light lingers into evening now,

losing the battle to warm the air

but making an after-work walk possible.

An hour to stretch my legs and settle my mind.

My country road

winds between cow pastures

and farms outlined by black board fences.

Woods one one side slope down to a river

that rushes in opposite direction of our brisk-paced walk.

Big sky above.

Blue-hued mountains to the west.

Sometimes a fox or deer rustles in the brush

or a snake slithers across the road.

A car passes, stirring up dust from

the gravel and dirt beneath its tires and our feet.

The hour passes.

Light fades.

Cold air kisses our warm cheeks.

Muscles and mind tended to

in this grateful, country road hour.











11 thoughts on “the country road hour

  1. At first I thought you are walking by yourself, but then your use of the pronoun “our” made me reconsider. That led to me reading your poem again and studying it carefully or other mysteries/secrets…

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  2. Love the images in this poem about your walk before dusk. Black board fences; slopes down to a river; big sky; blue hued mountains; snake slithers; cold air kisses–I envy your surroundings. I miss my mountain retreat.

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