It was time

slice of life updated

On my drive home this evening as I contemplated my longish, fullish day, I decided it was time. Actually, it was probably time years ago. I was no longer sure what was there, if there was anything worth saving. Things were beyond stale. It was time to let go. Just all kinds of incompatibility. My tastes have changed. Seriously, if it no longer feels spicy, what is the point?


That’s right… it was time to clean out my spice cupboard. Huh? You thought I was talking about something else?

I was merciless. Out with the doubles. Out with the jars full of dull looking powders and leaves that have lost their luster. Cream of tarter? My playdoh making days are long gone, and I don’t make meringues often. Buh-bye. Two Garam Masala.. yeah, no. If and when I really dive into making Indian food, I will want fresh, uber-fragrant spices. Cardamom.. can we talk about the three small containers of that? I think my go-to herb and spice shop must have thrown those in for free.


I feel free. Lighter in my heart. Breaking up with stale herb and spices was a great way to end my day.


12 thoughts on “It was time

  1. I loved your writing voice in this post. Surprising. Full of emotion!! And you support Penzey’s!!

    This reminds me that I need to do this…so badly!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your Marie Kondoing of your spices – something we all probably should contemplate. Fresh spices make our food more vibrant.

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  3. I see Penzey’s on your shelf. I’m a Penzey’s fanatic, but you are right about having to clear out and freshen up. It’s not an easy task, but it’s necessary for us cooks who abide by the Penzey’s saying, “Heal the World. Cook dinner tonight.”

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  4. Ha! Love the teaser title and intro. You certainly fooled me. I thought something much bigger than a spice cabinet cleanout was going to be announced. 😉 Those pesky spices! Why do they accumulate like that?! Always feels good to purge…

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  5. I knew exactly what you were talking about … and I could barely keep reading. My spice cabinet is the worst!!! I am afraid to even think about it and then as soon as I throw something out I need it. Great slice – your voice was perfect!

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