Six Things I’ve Learned in Six Years of SOL writing. #sol19

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This is my sixth year participating in the March SOL Story Challenge. Today I’m sharing six things I’ve learned since joining this community.

  1. It is both easier and terrifying to write from the heart.  Words and thoughts flow better when I’m writing about something that matters deeply to me. Yet my most honest writing leaves me feeling vulnerable- as a person and a writer.
  2. Until I began blogging and participating in the weekly and annual Slice of Life writing challenges, I did not think of myself as a writer. Just the opposite. It is in the doing/writing that I’ve discovered and developed my voice and style. I am a writer. There. I said it.
  3. There is a quote attributed to the Irish poet Cecil Day-Lewis that perfectly captures why I write. “We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand.” Writing is my way of processing the good, the hard and all the in-between.
  4. Feedback and encouragement are motivating. While hitting the “publish” button and sending my words out into the world gives me pause nearly every time I do it, I am always always grateful for readers and commenters. Responses fuel my courage to try again.
  5. The more I write, the more I notice myself doing things I hear writers do. Noticing. Wondering about a perfect stranger’s story. Eavesdropping on conversations and writing down snippets. Wallowing in beautiful lines and passages in books. Composing in my mind and searching for a place to put it down before it’s gone. Regretting moments when I don’t have a notebook nearby.
  6. Sometimes I still feel like I have nothing to write about, not a single idea, and I am glad this still happens because that experience helps me help stuck and reluctant writers in classrooms. Everything about being a writer helps me be a better teacher of writers.

23 thoughts on “Six Things I’ve Learned in Six Years of SOL writing. #sol19

  1. Love your list crating. All of your points resonated with me especially we write to understand. It’s true that we listen to everything like writers hence why I wrote about chefs ravle a couple of weeks ago. You are a writer.

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  2. Thank you for this list- I found myself echoing some of your thoughts on day 1 of this challenge. Becoming a writer means putting in the time even when you don’t want to- it’s the daily grind that makes it a transformative event.

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  3. What a beautiful post. Love this: Cecil Day-Lewis that perfectly captures why I write. “We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand.” Writing is my way of processing the good, the hard and all the in-between. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  4. What a great list! #4 and #6 really speak to me right now. That pause before I publish- it’s a real feeling when I write report narratives, post on Facebook, type and re-read an email, definitely as I blog as a first-time blogger, and even when I “comment”!

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  5. #3 and #5 speak most to me 🙂
    #3 means we might discover something we might not want to actually face.
    #5 means it is productive to be a quiet snoop! Now I know how writers get their craziest dialogues and phrases- it’s all real and out there !

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  6. Lisa, thank you for sharing! Your openness and insight are helpful for a first time slicer like me. You ARE a writer and an inspiration to so many!

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  7. Living like a writer is one of the reasons I most value this challenge too. For so much of the year, writing is an afterthought for me, even though it’s something I value. But for March, it’s a priority every single day, and I live and feel different as a result.

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  8. Great list! I love that it’s only 6 bullet points but each is worthy of an explanation! I think I wrote about #4 today, too! Feedback, feedback, feedback – we all need it! Have you read Brian Kissel’s Feedback that Moves Writers Forward??

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  9. #5… it is all about #5 for me. Your points are so right. It is interesting to me how daily writing impacts me so profoundly across my day. Is that writing worthy? Why did he do that? What is it about this issue that has me so confused. Love this list!

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  10. I can relate to every single item on your list! Thank you for being vulnerable in sharing this! It will help me too!


  11. Six very powerful insights for us new SOLers and those who are veterans. I’m going to print this post, and tape it up at my comfortingly cluttered desk where I do most of my writing.
    Thank you for sharing these!

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  12. I could relate to your slice. The support of the community allows us to be vulnerable, and daring to be vulnerable helps to write better slices.

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