The Thing About Spring

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The thing about Spring is

-birds sing even before first light

as if to say “Wake up, don’t miss a minute..” and the cardinal lands on the front stoop railing next to the pot filled with geraniums just as red and for a moment is still, reminding us to pay attention.

-trees unfurl leaves, filling hills and horizon with green, bright and lush…

-peonies burst and their scent rides the breeze, filling the space around an overflowing vase on my counter with a perfume better than anything that comes in a bottle…

-mowers rumble over lawns and along strips of grass next to roads and the just-cut-grass smell tickles noses…

-sometimes the sky grows dark with heavy clouds and wind blows and rain cascades from above and when the storm subsides everything looks new again and you’ll see a rainbow if you remember to look…

The thing about spring is the newness, like starting a book nobody has read yet.


5 thoughts on “The Thing About Spring

  1. In my place we do not have any winter so we do not have that sharp difference between seasons. There are more flowers now and soon our monsoon season will start. And I wake up at about 5 in the morning and I hear the birds, it is a good start 🙂

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