Monday Knitting Friends

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Every other Monday, at the end of the work day, even when it has been a Monday,  I join a group of women for a couple of hours of conversation, connection and knitting . We settle around a big table in a  coffee shop owned by the father of one of my long ago students. From oldest to youngest, our ages span more than three decades. Some of us are single, others married. Some work, others are now retired. All but one of us are empty nesters. Most of us have pets. And none of us are fans of our current president.

Some in the group are expert knitters, some are fearless knitters, and one always sticks to the basics. When it comes to yarn colors, some of us like pastels, others tend towards bold colors, and a few always stick with neutrals. We all love soft, luxurious fiber, though we do’t always splurge for the best. We share a love for handmade creations and an understanding of the satisfaction that comes with building something stitch by stitch.

We’re a funny bunch. Though we don’t gather as a whole group other than on designated Mondays, when there is news- good or hard- we often share it first with this group.

Our gatherings are sometimes lively and other times peaceful. Conversation ebbs and flows, often depending on how complicated our projects are. News about our parents, children, siblings and grandchildren, or our pets, or travels, discussions about the state of our country or the world, updates on job hurdles- these are the things that we discuss. We laugh. We tease. We support. We knit.

I’m often tired at the end of my Mondays. But I never regret showing up to knit, connect and converse with my Monday knitting friends.


Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting this Tuesday writing gathering. 


4 thoughts on “Monday Knitting Friends

  1. My favorite line from your post is “And none of us are fans of our current president.”
    That said, I love this community you’ve built and am reminded of the book “How to Make an American Quilt” that was popular some time ago. And I can’t think of a better metaphor than knitting for what our country needs during these challenging times.Thank you.

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