Summer Like Pie

slice of life updated

A beautiful, full of ripe summer fruit pie from which slices are cut and enjoyed… the kind of pie that lasts longer than you think it will and tastes sweeter than you imagined it would…a crowd pleaser. Some servings more generous than others, some with more crust, others with an extra spoonful of fruit…that is how my summer feels.  Simple and satisfying. I’ve had time with family and friends and walked on my favorite beaches in Maine and Connecticut. I’ve gotten lost in more than one book and enjoyed bike rides and lively dinner table conversations. My almost 82 year old mother and I spent an afternoon shopping for clothes to fit her ever shrinking frame. Her happy grin when she pulled on a pair of pants that didn’t swallow her up and looked into the mirror made my day. I’ve read blog posts and clicked on Twitter links and jotted down ideas in notebooks as I think ahead to the start of school. Made travel plans for a conference in late September. Finished knitting two socks and one baby blanket and made everyone’s favorite chocolate meringue. And I’ve given into more than one afternoon nap. This summer hasn’t included the trip of a lifetime or anything other than time in my favorite places with my favorite people and time for things that don’t happen during the school year.  It’s been delicious, just like a summer pie made with sun ripened fruit, the kind of dessert that leads everyone to slow down, savor each bit and linger at the table long after the last piece has been eaten.

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