It’s the little things

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It’s getting a little crazy around here. 10 more days of classes until summer break. The children are getting restless. The teachers are looking weary. The weather is just beginning to improve, but we’ve had a lot of cold and rain and that hasn’t helped anybody. Lots of lasts happening every day. Yesterday we had our last fire drill. Today my third grade readers started their last book.

Everyone is feeling the rush- so much to do and not so much time.

The little things help.

Today, our wonderful art teacher wandered around with a bag full of freshly cut tiny rosebuds from a bush in her garden. She walked into classrooms, popped into meetings, and ventured out to the playground and without a word handed a flower to every teacher she saw. They are small and beautiful. And they smell like heaven. They smell like beautiful soap. They smell like peace and calm and summer. She does this every year around this time, just as crazy is taking over. And we keep our rosebuds close and smell them. I waved mine just in front of each of my third grader’s noses as they walked into my classroom. And every one of them broke into a smile. I could almost see their shoulders relax and their brains reset.

I wish I could share it with you too.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 1.14.33 PM

It’s the little things that sometimes make a great big difference.

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