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“Do you want some help cooking?” Julia called from the sofa. Music to my ears. As usual I was not very organized. As usual, I was trying new recipes. As usual I’d left WAY too much to the last day.

“I’d love that,” I replied. A moment later Julia, who just might be my favorite of Claire’s friends, and Claire joined me in the kitchen. I looked around trying to decide what needed doing first. Why, I wondered, had I left the work of pulling together Easter lunch for ten until the day before? Why, I wondered, did I always leave holiday cooking until the last minute? The big bag of potatoes seemed like a good place to start.

The girls agreed to wash, peel and slice the potatoes for the gratin. Julia stood at the sink scrubbing each one  before taking the skins off. Claire worked at the counter slicing and dropping the rounds into a bowl of cold water. I continued slicing the rhubarb for the cake. Claire turned on some music and the three of us chatted about nothing important.

I mixed the batter for the cake, and spread it over the rhubarb-sugar-lemon juice mixture I’d already put in the pan. Once I’d gotten the cake in the oven, I turned my attention to the asparagus. Julia searched on Google for tips about shocking asparagus to keep them green and crisp after cooking. Claire gathered ingredients for cookies and the girls made the dough. The three of us moved from counter to sink to stove, stepping around one another and over the cat who’d wandered into the kitchen to see if it was her suppertime. The music played on.

Within an hour we’d made a lot of progress and a big mess. Julia took over dishwashing and Claire found a towel for drying. The preparation for Easter lunch was under control, thanks to two college girls who came to my rescue. Perhaps last minute and disorganized was the way to go.





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