Grand Plans

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At the start of the weekend I often have grand plans.

Grand plans to deal with the piles of laundry, stacks of papers, clumps of cat fur.

Grand plans to exercise both days.

Grand plans to read more, see a movie, walk with friends, make headway with a knitting project.

Plans to cook enough so there will be leftovers during the week.

Plans to cross off everything on the to-do list.

To spend the morning straightening my closet and the afternoon grading papers in my classroom.

Plans to be with friends and family each evening.

Plans to read the Sunday Times and sneak in a Saturday nap.

My plans don’t account for the fact that the weekend is only 48 hours. They overlook my Friday afternoon fatigue and they pay no respect to my desire to have at least part of my weekend unplanned.

My grand weekend plans are more like lofty goals.  I’ll make some of them happen. Others will just have to wait… until another weekend.


7 thoughts on “Grand Plans

  1. So true! I can relate to these grand plans. My spring break is ending and I did not achieve my grand plans, but as I try to teach my son- I need to focus on what we DID accomplish and the enjoyment we DID have rather than what didn’t…as you say, those will wait for another weekend!


  2. I do this all the time too! So many things sound good, but in the end, we really just want to relax and be together. I love that you circle back to what you really want to do at the end — have some unplanned time. I loved your tag line too!


  3. So true… I hate when my plans to relax are stressful!!! I try to get all of things I have to do done in one day and leave the other unplanned. Hardly ever works, but I keep trying!! Glad to know I am in good company.


  4. After you list all your grand plans, I like how you recall that you like to have at least half your weekend unplanned. Me too. I have to say so many of your plans sound nice, though. Being with friends and family should be what’s on are to-do lists.


  5. It’s so true! I always say Friday at noon is the best part of the weekend. Like you said, you can forget the Friday fatigue and make your grand plans! It is so open and you can be ready for everything! Enjoy!


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