They talk like readers


slice of life updated

I walk upstairs to the hallway outside their classrooms each day before the start of reading and language arts class. The three doors open and children spill out into the hall, some- books in hand- weaving their way from one of those rooms to another, others making a quick trip to the restrooms. Those in my group gathers against the low wall of the common area, but usually not before approaching me with an update about their reading or a question about a book or a quick brag about how long they read the night before. Sometimes several speak at once, anxious to share a tidbit about their reading life since we’d parted after class the day before. It’s happy chatter. A little chaotic at times. I encourage them to take turns sharing reading news. My reminders are gentle and my smile is big as I listen to these third graders talk the talk of dedicated readers.

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