On the Eve of Kwame Alexander’s Visit

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Tomorrow Kwame Alexander will be in the house. Yup. You read that right. He’s coming to my school. We are hosting a county-wide gathering of fourth and fifth graders. And he’ll be talking about Out of Wonder; Poems Celebrating Poets.

Confession. On the eve of an author visit, I sometimes have trouble sleeping. I so love hearing them speak, listening to them talk about their ups and downs, the process, ideas and dead ends. Most of all I love scanning the audience, watching the children’s faces as they soak it up. These writers- who have books our students read and love- they have a huge impact on our kids. I think they know this. I hope they do.

I wish Kwame could know that one afternoon I stopped class and read my students a page from one of his books- and I read it one way, then another.. I showed them how he crafted his verse (0r so I thought) so that it could be read two different ways. Both beautiful. And all they could say was, “Whoa.”

Tomorrow there are going to see him in living color.

Tomorrow is going to be amazing.

9 thoughts on “On the Eve of Kwame Alexander’s Visit

  1. Oh my gosh, Lisa! This is so awesome! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. It’s so funny you wrote about this, as I spent a lot of my day preparing for our author visit next week. Hope you have a great day!


  2. Oh, I am SO jealous. I’ve seen Kwame Alexander twice in the past year and he was amazing. But that was with a room of adults…I love the thought of seeing him engage a group of students. I have never had the pleasure of a school author visit…it is for sure a dream of mine!


  3. What a wonderful opportunity for you and your students! Looking forward to reading about it in your slice(s). Sleep well tonight!


  4. WOW! I am so jealous. I would love, love, love for Kwame Alexander to visit my school. I cannot wait to read all about it. Enjoy your day tomorrow, Lisa! It’s going to be amazing!


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