Once a Mom

slice of life updated

They leave the nest, but they come back- often. That is what I have learned since August. Last summer I wasn’t sure how it would be… the emptiness… the quiet… But seven months later I’ve learned that this new chapter is nothing short of beautiful. They are happy and growing and independent and loving school. And, they come home often. They call regularly. They bring their friends and their joys and their problems. And I’m still a mom. I may not be on duty every moment of every day. But, once a mom, always a mom. I have two amazing girls who are spreading their wings and finding their way.  The nest isn’t empty, it’s just different. And we are all enjoying this new chapter.

5 thoughts on “Once a Mom

  1. Good job Mom! I realized that this last week when my oldest (mid thirties) called because she was sick and up set – she hates being sick. The second call worried me but it was a need for a food run. Her partner was at a late meeting and couldn’t get away to get her food. He would send carry out but that wasn’t going to help. So off I went to get soup and crackers – always good be feel needed as a Mom. Love you quick post.


  2. I still need my momma and I’m almost 40! 🙂 It’s so nice to know that when we get to that season our girls will still need us! 🙂


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