Lost in a Book

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It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten lost in a book.

Most of the time during the school year, I read children’s books. Or professional books. You probably do the same. I take notes, jot down ideas, add sticky notes, and sometimes highlight passages. But I don’t often sit down with those and shut out the rest of the world because I just can’t wait to keep going in them. What little other reading I do is generally ย at night, when I get in bed. And I hardly ever last at that more than 10 minutes. My eyes get heavy and my brain too foggy to focus. It usually takes me months to finish a book at this rate. And I often have to go back and reread what I read the night before because I can’t remember. Reading for pleasure during the school year is challenging for me.

So, I save my books for breaks and vacations. This week I spent three days in Jamaica, and while I was there I devoured a book. Every minute we weren’t swimming, playing tennis, dining, watching sunsets, or sleeping, I returned to my book. And one afternoon I sat by the pool and got completely lost in my book. I couldn’t move or speak or eat or swim (or write!) until I’d reached the end of my book. I couldn’t tell you who else was at the pool, or what the weather was that afternoon, or even how long I sat there reading. When I finished the last sentence, I closed the book, closed my eyes and smiled, realizing how much I’d missed getting lost in a book.

The book, in case you’re interested, was The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.


18 thoughts on “Lost in a Book

  1. This post got me thinking. I love children’s lit, but even when I’m loving a book, I’m still thinking about it in terms of work–who I might give it to, how I might book talk it, what text sets I might put it in, etc. I’ve started trying to read a book for grown-ups every night before bed–something just for me that has nothing to do with my work. It’s great but yes, hard to stay awake long enough to get lost in the story. 10 minutes is about my max before falling asleep!


  2. I rarely read for pleasure anymore. That’s why I love getting away (sans kids) even if it’s just for a weekend. I always make time to read a novel.

    Since you shared a title, here’s one I just read: Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks.


  3. What a satisfying vacation moment.

    I crave that lost-in-a-book feeling and try to capture it whenever I can. Even kid books that I read “for school” are first devoured and only later sipped and noted.


  4. I have not had that feeling in a long time –I too miss it. Not going to happen right now, but I look forward to having that time again soon. I loved that book – great one to get lost in!


  5. Yes, it’s a wonderful feeling. For me, It’s that feeling that their life is still going on but the book is finished and I’m left wondering what is happening. I loved The Language of Flowers. Glad you enjoyed it too!


  6. I love when I have the time to get lost in a book. Reading takes us places that we could never imagine in real life. Glad you got to “vacation” through the pages.


  7. This sounds magical…and it is something that can be so hard to fit in. I’m glad you were able to enjoy your time and lose yourself in a book.


  8. Being lost in a book is truly a magical experience! I will have to check out this book! My spring break is next month and I’m compiling a list of books to read on break, so I’m always looking for recommendations!


  9. I love how you made the feeling of getting lost in a book the focus of your post! I can completely relate especially at the moment you close the book and just smile. Thanks for giving the title though, I’m looking it up now!

    Audiobooks have revolutionized my reading life during the school year since I sometimes read the hard copy and listen to it. It makes me more engaged because I’m literally spending more time reading/listening to it.


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