An hour on the water

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This morning after breakfast we wandered down to the water, intending to watch friends who were waterskiing in the cove just in front. We’d caught glimpses of them out on the water as we sat at a table on the terrace sipping our coffee. And I could see just enough to realize they were really pretty skiers. I wanted to watch. Alas, as we walked out on the short dock, they were pulling their boat alongside the far end. Their waterskiing was over.

But instead of tying up the boat, they asked us if we’d like to ride over to Montego Bay with them.  Who would say no to such an invitation?

We climbed on board and pulled away from the dock. I loved seeing the resort from the water.  I loved being out on the water. Bouncing over waves, feeling the salt water splash up over the bow onto my arms.Wind blowing my hair back from my face. Spotting  fishermen perched patiently in their small boats, watching their lines.

The color of the water- aqua, then deep blue, paler in some places. Coral reefs not too far below the surface. I kept wishing I had a camera. I tried to memorize it all with my eyes.

We travelled along the coastline, to the far end of Montego Bay, about six miles from where we’d started. And for a few moments, we lingered just at the edge of the approach lights for the airport runway, long enough for an inbound plane to fly  100 feet or so above us as it came in for a landing. I could feel the engine’s roar all the way through my chest.

We saw flying fish hover just above the water’s surface. Flying fish! Their silver bodies gliding through the air. I’d never seen them before.

It was an unexpected hour we spent on the water. I didn’t get to watch the water skiers. But a tour of the area from the sea was even better.


9 thoughts on “An hour on the water

  1. I completely enjoyed reading this. You definitely know how to paint pictures in readers minds. It definitely warmed me as I sit sipping tea trying to warm up from being out in the bitter cold for just a few minutes. Thank you for sharing!


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