Friday Night Teacher Tired

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I’m just going to come right out and say it: There’s no tired like Friday night teacher tired. Yes, of course there are professionals in other fields who are more tired on a Friday night. But that down to the bone teacher fatigue that allows me-er-one to rationalize that 7:32 pm isn’t crazy early to collapse into bed (I mean it’s almost 8, right?!)…Who’s with me?

My Friday night teacher tired was especially pronounced last night. I’d finally succumbed to the cold that has been making the rounds at school. I’d just finished report cards. And yesterday was the last day of school before the start of Spring break. A much anticipated break since we had not had one.single.

One of my favorite things about just giving up and giving into the exhaustion on Friday nights is how good I feel on Saturday morning. I don’t have a saying for that part yet, but I’m working on it.

And today is going to be a fun one. First day of Spring break. My youngest and I are in Washington for a girls weekend. And the cold is under control thanks to medicine.




14 thoughts on “Friday Night Teacher Tired

  1. Like other commenters said, you really nailed this feeling. Friday-night-teacher-tired should be an official medical diagnosis.

    I went to bed at 9:00 pm last night. Exhausted.


  2. Enjoy DC and daughter time! Last night I experienced the sister to “teacher tired” – teacher wired. I think it is when you pass tired and emerge into a bizarre zombie-like sleepless state. Thank goodness for spring break.


  3. Almost 8 is a great time to go to bed. It takes me all the way until Sunday to recover after a busy week. I have one more, really 4 days, until my Spring Break begins and I can hardly wait.


  4. “Teacher tired” is a common, but not well known to those outside the profession. My doors iced shut last night so my tote was trapped in the back of the van. I think it was my way of knowing that the work would wait- to go and put your feet up. So where am I today? Back at school distracted by slices when I should be getting ready for conferences! Cheers to your break. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Um, is 8:00 too early for adults to go to bed? So many times (on any night of the week), I will put the baby down (he is 14 months old) and then head straight to my own room to brush my teeth. There may have been a few (hundred) times where I lay down, for just a second, to relax (just a bit). AND I might not wake up until 5:30 the next morning. I think I understand the tired you describe here. Cheers to being well rested!


  6. Your summed up a teacher’s feelings on a Friday night perfectly! I felt the same way as I ventured up to by bedroom around 9:00pm! Saturday morning does feel good! Enjoy your spring break and your weekend in Washington…how fun!


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