Giggling our way through lunch

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“Can we have lunch with you today?” two of my fourth grade readers asked in unison a few days ago.

“Sure,” I replied. How could I refuse?

As I walked to the lunchroom to get my salad, I wondered what prompted their question. I wasn’t worried because I was confident that if there was something on their minds, they’d share it within the first two minutes of our time together.

We decided to dine away from the crowded lunchroom, but the wind prevented us from sitting outside. We retreated to my classroom and settled at a round table.  The girls, who share the same name spelled differently, wanted to talk about everything and nothing, the way fourth grade girls do. All the things they have common. They wanted to be sure I knew. Recess drama. They wanted to be sure I was up to speed. Sibling challenges. They wanted me to sympathize. Boys. They wanted to get my advice. Head lice. They wanted to assure me that although they had both recently had it, it was all gone. Phew.

The conversation was all over the place. We sat and ate and giggled and chatted and giggled some more. I could have used the time to answer emails while gobbling up my meal. Or I might have read ahead in the book my third graders are reading. I could have written a slice or checked spelling tests. But I sat and chatted and ate and giggled with two fourth graders. Time well spent.

11 thoughts on “Giggling our way through lunch

  1. Lisa,
    So important to stay connected with the students! So good to hear that there was a plan – to eat luch and talk about a plethora of topics without specifically needing action beyond the talk and the company. So important to “not rush the year on by! Treasure these minutes!


  2. Aw, I love it! I laughed out loud at the lice part. 😉 Yes, it takes more energy to make yourself available for relationship time, but it certainly pays off! Those girls will remember that!


  3. This is SO precious. Something I wish I could have. I love my kinders, but I don’t get the giggly gossip and all the fun stuff- I get the nose picking, the random “I went swimming 3 years ago” and the “he touched my pony tail”- LOL. I do an after school program with grades 3-5 so I do get a little of it there 🙂


  4. Lisa, the time you took with these students is so important. One thing I miss as a coach is the connection you showed here. Just the fact that they invited you to eat with them is precious, along with the important knowledge you gained during the lunch. Thanks for sharing this slice!


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