No Snow For Me

slice of life updated

I’d hoped for snow,

or even ice.

A cancellation once or twice.

A little time at home could be

time for work and time for me.

Alas the snow-

it did not show.

A day at home- it never came.

Warm sun shone down.

The soft wind blew.

The robins and the  tulips knew.

And now I sit atop my hill

and look out at the daffodils.

I guess I’ll have to wait a year

to see the colors disappear

and watch the world turn soft and white.

For now I’ll look for colors bright-

the red breast of bluebirds and

blossoms on the cherry trees.

I’ll take long walks without my gloves

Open windows, let in the breeze.

I’ll be okay

without my day.

Projects I have tucked away.

How long ’til spring break?


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8 thoughts on “No Snow For Me

  1. Beautiful poem, Lisa!
    I have a feeling we’re going to get hit with a big snowstorm in March. (And if not, then I’m returning Isabelle’s unworn snow boots to LL Bean. I can’t believe she hasn’t donned them even once all year!)


  2. We’ve had 5 snow days here already and are still far from out of the woods! It’s hard to imagine daffodils blooming when all is snow covered and icy out my window. Enjoy your spring and all that vibrant color. Great poem!


  3. Lisa, what a delightful poem to express your hope for snow! I know; it’s difficult to get those projects complete with daffodils, bluebirds, and cheery trees begging for your attention. ~Amy


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